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Have a question?

Who runs the website?

The site is managed completely by myself – Jesse Wichmann.


Do you accept staggered payments?

Sometimes. Staggered payments are reserved for original cover art purchases only and are accept on a case by case basis. I break the total price down to 3 or 4 monthly payments, paid privately via Paypal invoice.


Does Jesse take on convention sketches?

Typically yes, time permitting. This is also the best way to get a sketch or commission from me as I don’t usually take on private commissions outside of conventions.  You may contact me through the site about getting on any pre-show sketch list and you can obviously see me during the show about having something done.​


Does Jesse do studio commissions?

Yes, though my private commission list is generally closed due to time constraints.  Besides drawing for comics full time, I am also a full time tattoo artist. It’s my preference not to take money from people while making them wait indefinitely for art from me.  The usual flow is that as soon as I’m done with work for myself or for the various publishers I work with, a new project or rush order pops up. When that happens private work will always be the first thing pushed to the end of the priority list.  I will keep commissions options available in the store section of the site and when I have time to take some on I’ll alert fans and collectors via social media or directly via email.

Does Jesse charge for signatures at conventions?

No. If you spend money on my books, whether it’s through me directly or through a retailer, that supports me, both financially and by telling my publishing clients that you love what I’m making. The least I can do is sign your book for you. 


Does Jesse charge for photos at conventions?

Jesse will be happy to pose in a photo for or with you, without charge, time permitting!


Can I send something for Jesse to sign for me?

Certainly.  I do request that you contact me prior to sending so I know to expect it.  You MUST include return priority postage[i.e. with tracking information], otherwise your comics will get added into my collection. I’m going to open your package, sign your books, then repack them back into whatever you sent them in, so pack them well to ensure safe handling en-route.


Can Jesse send me an autograph?

Sure. Same as above. Send a request through the site. Pay for shipping. Be happy.


How do I contact Jesse?

Please only use the contact pages here for site, store, art sales or convention inquiries. For any other inquiry, or to socialize, please contact me via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page. Social media link buttons are located at the bottom of each page.

What tools does Jesse use?

This is a general list of my regularly used tools.

Paper: Blue Line Pro BP1001 art board for interior art, Eon Comics HD-Plate Pro art boards for cover art.

Pencil: Mars-Staedler 2mm lead holder with 2H lead and Mars-Staedler lead pointer for sharpening.

Erasers: kneaded eraser and Tough Stick erasers.

Pens and Markers: Copic Multiliner SP 10-pen set. Copic Sketch Marker sets A-D, Eon Vortex Dip Pen ink. 

Computer: Lenovo Ideapad running Photoshop Creative Cloud, Huion HD-220 21” HD drawing pen tablet.

Printer: Epson 7620 large format all in one printer/scanner.

Storage: Dropbox Business.


Who has influenced Jesse artistically?

Leonardo Da Vinci, Botticelli, Franklin Booth, Frank Frazetta, John Buscema, Mobius, Bernie Wrightson, Walter Simonson, Milo Manara, Serpieri, Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner, David Finch, J. Scott Campbell, Stephen Platt, Joe Madureira, Kim Jung Gi, Akihiko Yoshida, Shirow Masamune, Amano. 


I'd love to cosplay one of Jesse's designs, how do I get reference pictures?

Send me a message with what image[s] you are interested in, through the contact page or via social media.  Please include a link to your website or cosplay page so i can vet you. 

Contact Us: Click Here!

I'm a publisher and I'd like Jesse to draw for me...?

Send a request through the contact page with some basic project information.  I take on freelance assignments on a case by case basis and based on my schedule availability.  

Contact Us: Click Here!

Will Jesse design characters or do concept art for me?

No.  I simply do not have time or interest in that type of work.

Can Jesse teach me to draw comics?

The short answer here is no.  I'm an art school graduate and when it comes to comic art, mostly self taught, and I learned what I know before there was as much information available on the internet as there is today.  If I can do it, so can you. Also it's a time based thing as well as a patience thing. I don't have much of either when it comes to teaching 1 on 1.  That said you can always ask for a portfolio review or some quick tips at a convention.  Additionally I'm going to be revamping my page to be a structured ongoing learning center for drawing, publishing, convention survival and anything else I can think of as it applies to the production of comic books.  

I'm a .........[writer/penciler/inker etc], will Jesse hire me?

No. I'm a writer, penciler, letterer, designer, art director and pre-press manager.  About the only thing I don't do is the actual coloring of my art, which I hire out for to a select group of seasoned color artists. My art is not for beginners, but if you think you are up to the challenge of coloring my work then feel free to send a message through the contact page.

Contact Us: Click Here!

I have a comic that I'd like published, can Jesse help me do that?

Not at this time. Eventually I'd like to expand to producing original series from outside creative teams, but for now I'm focusing exclusively on my own projects.

I produce merchandise and I'd love to license Jesse's artwork for my products...?

Send a message through the contact page with your company information and we can discuss what you are interested in.

Contact Us: Click Here!

What's the "Privacy Policy"?

Unless knowingly and voluntarily submitted to by the user, does not collect or sell personally identifiable information about users of the website such as: names, addresses, telephone numbers, credit card numbers, etc. Only names and e-mail addresses initially supplied by the customer at the time of purchase are retained for use in a mailing list. Subscribers may opt-out from the mailing list at any time (refer to the unsubscribe link in the email newsletter).

Whats the store return policy?

All orders are final. However, upon receipt of your order from The Official Jesse Wichmann Store, please inspect all contents to confirm you have received the correct items and that there are no damages. Though we take the greatest care in packing and shipping your items to insure that they arrive in pristine condition, damage during shipment can occur.

In the event that you receive an incorrect or damaged item from our store please contact us via e-mail within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt and be sure to save all of the packing material.  Any item that is to be replaced must first be returned to The Official Jesse Wichmann Store at the address listed below. We ask that no additional damage be made to the item when it is returned (i.e. bending, folding, etc).

Please be advised that some items are available in such limited quantities that replacements may not be possible. Such cases will be handled on an individual basis.
The following address is for use for store related business only:
The Official Jesse Wichmann Store

PO Box 670

Coeymans, New York 12045

What are store shipping policies?

Domestic Orders: uses Priority Mail though USPS to ship within the United States. This process usually takes 2-3 days to arrive once the order is shipped. We take great care in packing each order to insure it arrives in pristine condition. Priority shipping will be sent with a delivery tracking number, and orders with merchandise totaling $500 or more will also include insurance.

International Orders: uses First Class International Mail through USPS to ship all orders outside of the United States. This process can take anywhere from two weeks to one month or more for delivery based on each country’s location and customs regulations. Each package is shipped with the required Customs Declaration form CN 22 that includes a list of the package’s contents and value. We take great care in packing each order to insure it arrives in pristine condition. Delivery tracking is not available on First Class International Mail.

You will receive an e-mail notifying you when your package has been shipped. Orders paid for with a credit card are processed when the order has been sent, orders paid through PayPal are processed through PayPal immediately after the order is placed.

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