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"All In" - Nice limited 200 edition

Pencils: Jesse Wichmann

Color Art: Ula Mos

Penny For Your Soul v4 Pestilence #1 - "All In" Exclusive

  • Story: Tom Hutchison

    Interiors: JB Neto

    Interior Color: Whittney Cook

    Cover Art: Jesse Wichmann (pencils) Ula Mos (color)


    The Four Horsemen have been released upon the Earth and souls are vanishing. Heaven, Hell and Las Vegas will never be the same!


    Penny For Your Soul - Pestilence #1 - "All In" by Jesse Wichmann and color artist Ula Mos is now available in this limited exclusive variant cover from Wild Room Press.


    Full color


    Release Date

    January 2018



    US domestic shipping and handling is included in product cost.  This Item will ship flat in protective packaging via Priorty USPS. Additional fee for international shipping is accessed at check out.


    Signed Copies

    All signed limited comics will include an official Certificate of Authenticity authenticating the signature and limited nature of this comic book. Signed books will ship approximately 30 days after the release date. 


    Pre-ordered items will be billed to your credit card, debit card or PayPal account at the time of purchase.


    Items in stock, such as hardcover books, sketchbooks and prints, will be processed according to our usual shipping policies. Pre-ordered exclusives and incentives will be shipped following the release date established by the publisher and will be grouped in a single shipment. As a result, ordering exclusives/incentives in combination with other products may result in multiple packages for a single order.


    You may prefer to place multiple orders to receive your exclusives/incentives quicker when ordering copies with various release dates.

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