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Convention Survival Guide

Convention Survival Guide #7

Save money on water at conventions by purchasing a reusable Brita Water Bottle with filter.

Bottled water at shows is expensive and while an emergency purchase is tolerable, staying hydrated over the course of 2-5 days of show floor crawling can be costly. For fans it can be the difference between picking up [insert comics/prints/merchandise/autographs] and for exhibitors, leaving your table and waiting in line, potentially costing you precious sales or subjecting your unmanned booth to theft.

Why waste precious time and resources, when virtually every venue, at least in North America, supplies free cold water to convention attendees?

Unfortunately, it just happens to come out of a water fountain and generally tastes like the pool at your local recreation center.

Enter the Brita Water bottle. For less that 10$[USD] you can drink as much cold, refreshing water as you can fill yourself with. I've found the filter is capable of removing virtually all funky stuff from that delicious h2o(i currently own the orange one pictured below). As an added bonus for folks that fly to shows, you can carry it on the plane with you[emtpy], filling it up at a fountain when you get through security.

Brita Water Bottles are available for sale online, at most big box department stores and most large grocery chains.

Disclaimer: I am NOT an affiliate of Brita, I receive NO compensation for recommending this product. I'm merely sharing what works for me. As always do your own research to find the best option for you. I take no responsibility for mishandling or improper use of anything recommended.

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