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Lady Death Gallery #1 is now a 24-page book!

Posted by Brian Pulido (Creator)

Hey everyone!

Great news! Last night, we surpassed $115,000 in pledges and now we're upgrading the Lady Death: Gallery #1 100K Edition incentive book to 24 full-color pages! You guys are ON FIRE and we're well underway to SMASHING the campaign record we set with Oblivion Kiss! THANK YOU!!!

The next stretch goal incentive unlocks at $120k! If we get there, we'll unlock the LADY DEATH MEMORIAL COLLECTOR'S CARD #2, featuring artwork by Billy Tucci:

Everyone with a physically shipping reward will receive everything we've unlocked so far with their rewards shipments in June! Here is our current progress:

More updates to come! Thanks again, everyone!

Visit the Kickstarter campaign here:

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