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Merciless Onslaught Crosses $110,000!!

Posted by Brian Pulido (Creator)


You may be asking yourself, "What the heck is Nick Napalm doing up on #Kickstarter so late?"

Well, this humble servant of darkness suffers from Acute Kickstarter Campaign Anxiety Syndrome (yeah, I just made that up), where one can't help but to check up on the status of your project at all waking hours.

Anyway, it seems that we have achieved yet another milestone in the Merciless Onslaught Campaign! For hitting $110,00 in pledges, we have now unlocked the MERCILESS ONSLAUGHT MEMORIAL TRADING CARD #1.

All backers pledged towards a physically shipping reward will now receive this along with all of the other killer stuff we've unlocked so far!

Our next stretch goal milestone is $115,000 and it involves an upgrade to the LADY DEATH GALLERY #1 100K EDITION you're already receiving. If we get to $115k, we'll be adding 8 additional pages to this new book, for a total of 24 full-color pages!

Let's add more content!

To recap, this is our current progress:

Thanks again to all of you for rocking the ever living heck out of this campaign! You guys are the best! More excitement to come!

Visit the Kickstarter campaign here:

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